Winter 2022 Lower Division Courses

Lower Division Courses

These courses will be offered in the Winter of 2022. The material offered will equip UCSC students with knowledge about the natural & social environment, sustainability, race, social movements, and social & environmental justice issues to better understand our mission at the People of Color Sustainability Collective 


ANTH 2 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

ANTH 3 Introduction to Archaeology



BioE 19-01 Biodiversity

BIOE 20C Ecology and Evolution



CRNS 55-01 RCC: Service Learning Practicum


College Nine

CLNI 1-01   Academic Literacy and Ethos: International and Global Perspectives

CLNI 85-01   Global Action


Community Studies

CMMU 20-01 Media and Social Movements



COWL 11B-01  ELP Core Course: Leadership From the Inside Out, Networking and Professionalism


Critical Race and Theory

CRES 70U-01 (Un)docu Studies


Earth Sciences

EART 3- Geology of National Parks

EART 12- Introduction to Weather and Climate



ECON 1-01 Introductory Microeconomics: Resource Allocation and Market Structure

ECON 2-0 Introductory Macroeconomics: Aggregate Economic Activity



EDUC 10- Introduction to Learning


Environmental Studies

ENVS 15 - 01 Natural History of the UCSC Campus

ENVS 19-01 Topics in Natural History

ENVS 25 - 01 Environmental Policy and Economics

ENVS 65 - 01 Introduction to Fresh Water: Processes and Policy


Feminist Studies

FMST 15-01 Gender, Sexuality, and Transnational Migration Across the Americas

FMST 18-01 Black Feminist Ethnographies

FMST 20-01 Feminism and Social Justice



HIS 4-01 History of the Present: Investigating the Historical Origins of Contemporary Problems

HIS 40B-01 The Making of Modern East Asia


History of Art and Culture

HAVC 30-01 Introduction to European Visual Culture

HAVC 60-01 Indigenous American Visual Culture



KRSG 2-01 Power and Representation in Media


Latin American & Latino Studies

LALS 1 - 01 Introduction to Latin American and Latino Studies

LALS 55 - 01 AIDS Across the Americas



MERR 32F - 01   Mindful Collaboration: Cultivating Radical Exchange


Ocean Sciences

OCEA 1-01 The Oceans

OCEA 80B-01 Our Changing Planet

OCEA 90-01 Fundamentals of Climate



POLI 1-01 Politics: Power, Principle, Process, and Policy

POLI 3-01 Keywords: Concepts in Politics



SOCY 10-01 Issues and Problems in American Society



STEV 2-01 Self and Society 2

STEV 43-01 Comparative Nationalisms in Historical Perspective