Winter 2022 Upper Division Courses

Upper Division Courses

These courses will be offered in the Winter of 2022. The material offered will equip UCSC students with knowledge about the natural & social environment, sustainability, race, social movements, and social & environmental justice issues to better understand our mission at the People of Color Sustainability Collective 


ANTH 1300-01 Native Feminisms 

ANTH 158-01 Feminist Ethnography 

ANTH 175-01 African Archaeology 

ANTH 194X-01 Women In Politics: A Third World Perspective


Applied Linguistics 

APLX 122-01 Linguistic Diversity & Social Justice 



ART 80E-01 Environmental Art in the Expanded Field 

ART 154B-01 Photography, Place, Environment 



BIOE 107-01 Ecology 

BIOE 108-01 Marine Ecology

BIOE 125-01 Ecosystems of Calif 

BIOE 137-01 Molecular Ecology 



CRSN 151A-01 Sustain Praxis

CRSN 151C-01 Sustainability Laboratory Tools, Techniques, and Applications 

CRSN 152-(01-05) IDEASS Lab 

CRSN 160-01 Developing Leadership to Facilitate Environmental Education 


College Nine 

CLNI 85-(02-05) Global Action 


College Ten (John R. Lewis College) 

CLTE 35-01 Knowledge For Justice 

CLTE 92-01 Social Justice Issues 


Community Studies

CMMU 101-01 Communities, Social Movements, and the Third Sector 

CMMU 137-01 Communities and Climate Change 


Cowell College

COWL 168-01 Social Change 


Critical Race and Theory

CRES 100-01 Comparative Theories of Race and Ethnicity 

CRES 190X-01 Racial Capitalism 


Earth Sciences

EART 102-01 Marine Geology

EART 105-01 Coastal Geology

EART 110B-01 Earth as Chemical System

EART 121-01 The Atmosphere

EART 140-01 Geomorphology



ECON 128-01 Poverty and Public Policy 



EDUC 50C-01 CAL Teach1:Science 

EDUC 110-01 Popular Education, Democracy, and Social Movements 

EDUC 121-01 K-12 Ethnic Studies

EDUC 135-01 Gender & Education

EDUC 141-01 Bilingual & School


Environmental Science 

ESCI 100A-01 Intro to Environmental Sciences 


Environmental Studies 

ENVS 100-01 Ecology and Society 

ENVS 125-01 Ecosystems of California 

ENVS 130B-01 Sustainability in Agriculture 

ENVS 135-01 Sustainable Aquaculture

ENVS 147-01 Environmental Inequality/Environmental Justice 

ENVS 150-01 Coastal/Marine Policy 

ENVS 160-01 Restoration Ecology 

ENVS 161A-01 Soil/Plant Nutrition 

ENVS 170-01 Agriculture & Climate Change 


Feminist Studies 

FMST 100-01 Feminist Theories 

FMST 132-01 Gender and Postcoloniality 

FMST 188-01 Topics in Feminist Studies 

FMST 194T-01 Transgender Studies 


Film and Digital Media 

FILM165B-01 Race on Screen 



HIS 101D-01 World History of Science 


Kresge College 

STARS Internship


Latin American & Latino Studies 

LALS 100B-01 Cultural Theory in the Americas 

LALS 133-01 Latina/o Art and Representation 

LALS 143-01 Race & Ethnicity 

LALS 150-01 Afro-Latinos/as: Social, Cultural, and Political Dimensions 

LALS 172-01 Visualizing Human Rights 

LALS 175-01 Migration, Gender, and Health 

LALS 194F-01 Digital Investigations and Human Rights Witnessing 



LIT 121L-01 Green Ache: Ecopoetics, Race, and Material 


Oakes College 

OAKS 80H-01 Rainbow Theater Cultural Studies 


Ocean Sciences

OCEA 101-01 Marine Environment 

OCEA 122-01 Chemical Oceanography 



POLI 105C-01 Modern Political Thought 

POLI 120B-01 Society and Democracy in American Political Development 

POLI 144-01 Andean Politics

POLI 174-01 Global Political Ecology 

POLI 187-01 Decolonial Global Health: A View from the Middle East and Africa 



SOCY 105B-01 Contemporary Social Theory 

SOCY 128M-01 International Law and Global Justice 

SOCY 135-01 Healing Justice 

SOCY 168-01 Social Justice