Past Events

The People of Color Sustainability Collective hosts events that build community and create spaces for students, staff, and faculty to engage in critical dialogues about the intersections between race, ethnicity, class, gender, culture, and the environment. 

'Fall Garden Tour' + 'Slugs in the Sun After-Party' (October 8th, 2023):

  •  We invited students and community members to a walking tour around all of the six gardens at each UCSC college! Then, we hosted a 'Slugs in the Sun' After-Party event with delicious food and fun activities such as frisbee, community painting, bubble-making, and much more at Oakes Lower Lawn. Starting Fall 2023, we aim to host this event annually every Fall Quarter!

fall-garden-tour-pocsc-flyer.png    slugs-in-the-sun-pocsc-flyer.png


Below check out our latest events that have been published on our Youtube page!

Fixit Clinic x PoCSC: Building a Reparative Future (May 13th, 2021):

  • We invited Peter Mui, the founder of Fixit Clinic, to share his work and vision moving us to a circular economy of repair. As scholar-activists in environmental justice, PoCSC interns helped facilitate a conversation with Peter on the implications of mass disposability. Together, we shared ideas of how to better implement a reparative culture on UCSC campus and beyond.


Leaders4EARTH x PoCSC: Agriculture and Environmental Justice in the Salinas Valley (May 20th, 2021): 

  • This event draws from the leadership of high school youth in Salinas Valley who used their knowledge of social and environmental justice to ask farmers questions about food, health, environment, and equity. As panelists, Salinas Valley farmers shared their experiences navigating employment within CA's agricultural system. This event was originally in Spanish but this recording is the Spanish-to-English translation available.

AARCC x PoCSC: Plastic Justice with Kristal Ambrose (May 25th, 2021): 

  • 'Plastic Justice' was a webinar-style event open to the broader community. We screened a short documentary that features the Bahamas Plastic Movement and Ambrose's motivations for keeping her communities, as well as the ocean, clean. Ambrose gave us a presentation explaining her process of founding BPM and her ongoing PhD research on ocean plastic. AARCC and PoCSC grad student interns, Breanna Byrd and Chris Lang, facilitated a dialogue with Kristal Ambrose to connect the dots between plastic and climate justice and think through the uneven, racial, and transnational impacts of mass consumerism. We intermittently included Q&A from the audience.


Below you can check out more past event flyers! If you have any ideas for events you'd like to see happen, let us know -- We would love to hear from you! 

  • Inter-org workshop: Zero Waste Ecosocial Vision Manifestations with PoCSC
  • What's in your Cup?: The Environmental and Social Impacts of Coffee
  • Winter Meet & Gr(eat) #2: Food for Thought
  • Winter Meet & Gr(eat) #1: Bombs and Biota- Ecosocial Impacts of the US MIC
  • Fall Meet & Gr(eat) #1: Getting Started with Environmental Activism
  • Fall Meet & Gr(eat) #2: What's on your Table?
  • Coffee Talk with Kristal Ambrose
  • Plastic Justice with Kristal "Ocean" Ambrose
  • Youth Led Panel Discussion with Salinas Valley Farmers About Agricultural and Environmental Justice
  • Building a Reparative Future
  • Spring Meet and Greet #3: Global Environmental Justice
  • Spring Meet and Greet #2: Exploitation in the Cosmetics Industry
  • A Short Film Screening Based on the Line 3 Pipeline
  • Spring Meet and Greet #1: The Real Costs of Fast Fashion
  • Spring Save the Date for Meet and Greets
  • La Loba Loca: An Herbal Grounding
  • Winter Meet and Greet #3: Environmental Education Theory vs Practice
  • Winter Meet and Greet #2: The Many Faces of Environmental Racism
  • Winter Meet and Greet #1: Consumerism, Plastic Pollution, and Solutions Beyond Single Use
  • Winter Save the Date for Meet and Greets
  • Fall Meet and Greet #3: Building Relationships with Ourselves and the Land
  • Fall Meet and Greet #2: Healing the Human Nature Divide
  • Fall Meet and Greet #1: Navigating Eco-grief and Prioritizing Self Care
  • Fall Save the Date for Meet and Greets
  • The Seeds for Feeding Yourself
  • Cultivating Seed Memory
  • The History of Black Farmers
  • Reimagining the Environmentalist
  • PoCSC Open House
  • Take the Environmental Sustainability Survey Today
  • Potion and Medicine Making For Practical Brujxs
  • Rooted in History: Asian American/ Pacific Islander Resilience and Sustainability Through Art
  • Student of Color Environmental Caucus
  • Demystifying Modelo Time
  • POC Sustainability Discussion
  • Indigenous Knowledge Rising