Leaders 4 Environmental Activism Reclaiming Their Health (EARTH)


Salinas Valley Youth Cohort 2020 and community organizers Karen Crespo Triveño and Agustín Angel 

Mission Statement:

We are Leaders for Environmental Activism Reclaiming Their Health (Leaders 4E.A.R.T.H). We are a youth found and led working group that focuses on leadership development through a social and environmental justice lens. We approach grassroots community organizing through education and youth-led engagement to promote healthy and thriving communities within the environmental movement.


Our vision is to provide a safe space for youth; to promote accessibility of environmental and social justice education, food sources, outdoor activities, leadership development, mentorship, and community resources. We aim to empower youth and communities who live in locations with environmental threats to find fulfillment in making positive changes within their community through civic engagement through influencing policy change, social movements, and hold government officials and corporations accountable. We believe that in order to create a healthy and just environment for long-term sustainability, education needs to begin at a young age, to create generations of environmental community leaders and stewards for our planet.  We envision the empowerment of youth to center their lived experiences and interpersonal knowledge to promote environmental problem-solving within their communities.

Contact Us:

Email: kcrespot@ucsc.edu

Facebook: facebook.com/leaders4earth/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leaders4earth/